Ultimate List of Organization Ideas for a Sleek Home

October 5th, 2023  / Author: Zachariah Peterson
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Every household comes to a certain point when every cabinet is jammed, the fridge is full of out-of-date food, and reaching for the drawers is like going to Alice's wonderland. Living space is a very important factor for a person's well-being, and to have an organized and calm mind - you need some home organization ideas to create a mind-nurturing space.

That's when we come into plan, with our comprehensive list of tips for an organized space. Following our list is guaranteeing two important things. First, it will tidy up a messy space. And second, even more important, it will help you create organizational habits, which will keep your place tidy in the long run.

Organization habits are a key to a tidy house and a functional household. Without further ado, here is our list of 20-ish organization ideas for your house.

Kitchen Organization Ideas


Most households have more dishes, utensils, and pottery than they actually need, and complaining about the lack of kitchen cabinets seems to be a universal problem. Correct us if we are wrong, but it seems like people with big kitchens complain about this issue as much as people with tiny kitchens.

No wonder decluttering is the first step of any organizing process. Take out everything one cabinet and drawer at a time, and throw away or donate anything you don’t use.

You bought some spices to try out and no one in the family likes the taste? Get rid of it! You got a set of plates for your birthday, but there are so many plates that you don’t reach out for those particular ones? Regift it or donate!

After you have decluttered, it’s time for some shopping or DIY-ing. Get drawer organizers, to make the most of your drawer space.

Utensil separators are a great way to create order in the drawer, but make sure that you use every inch of that space. You can find adjustable separators, or you can cut pieces of wood to fit perfectly.

Spice drawer organizers are irreplaceable organizational tools for people who like to cook and don’t like the bland taste. You can make or buy spice stairs, which will make your spices easily accessible and visible. You can go one step further and buy identical jars with different labels - for full organizational satisfaction.

Lazy Susan, a famous problem solver, is a great organization idea for your kitchen cabinets and corners. It’s a rotating organizational tool that makes your life easier. You can even make it yourself, but they are affordable and you can find them in plenty of sizes.

Organized Fridge for Healthy Nutrition

Most standard fridges offer plenty of vertical space and the key is to use that space properly. How many times did you have to throw away expired groceries, just because you stuck them in the back and forgot you have them?

Having an organized fridge can help you with meal planning, healthy eating, and motivate you to prepare your own food. That’s not to say that there can’t be a snack or ice cream storage, but that’s up to you!

Take measurements of your fridge and make the most of it by putting see-through drawers instead of shelves. You can use shelves for stackable or steep can racks, as they don’t allow for anything to stay behind and be forgotten.

See-through containers are the best way to utilize fridge space while having complete visibility of all groceries in them. Create zones of produce and you can even label them. For example, the green zone would be where you stack your green vegetables, and the fun zone would be for snacks, popsicle sticks, or other not-as-healthy, but fun options.

Beauty Supply Organizers

There is a trend going around of people with a lot of makeup and skin care products hiring a professional organizer because the idea of them doing it alone was overwhelming. There are many reasons that these products pile up. Their expiration dates are long, there is always something new and exciting to try, and many of them are just easily interchangeable.

And you know a skincare session isn’t as satisfying if there is chaos on the counter around you. For a tidy space in your beauty room, you need a small plastic vanity, a 360-makeup organizer, and a drawer or a shelf with plastic see-through containers. Labeling is optional, but always helpful.

If you want to invest in a professional beauty station, you need a tall vertical sideboard with many drawers, a big mirror with lights, and a plastic vanity for showcasing your most beloved products. A nice big vase can serve as a storage space for your hair straighteners, curlers, epilators, and other beauty tech aids.

Junk Drawer Organization

That one junk drawer is like a Chamber of Secrets, you have no idea what hides underneath the old chargers, calculators, and batteries. A junk drawer can be a useful storage space for miscellaneous items if done right.

Take a cardboard bottle divider and tailor it to fill out the whole drawer space. You can cut them and make bigger holes for stuff that take up more space. Otherwise, small compartments will fit miscellaneous cables, batteries, and other things that get trapped in the chaotic drawer.

Pantry Transformation


A pantry full of shelves is an amazing thing to have if you know how to utilize that vertical space. Stacking items onto the shelves isn’t sustainable and will, in time, lead to chaos. Labeled storage bins are a great organizational idea that will transform your pantry.

You can make a project out of cleaning up and organizing your tiny pantry space. Take everything out for the decluttering part of the job. Put fresh paint on the walls - white paint is the best as it can create an illusion of more space.

Fill the storage bins and containers with the produce, spices, and other kitchen necessities. Categorize them by groups and label the bins. That way you’ll always know in what area of the pantry to search for the thing you need, and you find it much easier.

Closet Space Optimization


Do you ever get the feeling that every time you collect the motivation to clean out your closet, it is somehow messy after two days? How can you create an organized closet if you have a lot of clothes?

If you have a lot of clothes that go on racks, but not enough space for hangers, here is a neat organizational idea: take a medium-long chain and use vertical space of the closet by hanging three hangers in place of one.

If your room has enough space, it might be a good idea to choose the essential clothing items and put them on a rack in the corner of the room. That way, the things that you most frequently wear will be right there, and you’ll visit the closet more rarely.

For when you do reach for the items in the closet, it would be better if you had a system put in place. For example, color-coordinated closets are great for those who have a colorful wardrobe. Otherwise, you might want to look into style coordination. If the majority of your closet is dark-colored, rather than organizing it by color, organize it by style.

Another way to organize and tidy up your wardrobe is to learn how to optimize folding. There are many techniques for folding different clothing pieces and knowing how to use them might save you the trouble of messy underwear drawers.

Cleaning Supply Organization Tricks

Cleaning supplies should be close enough that you can reach them daily but hidden enough so little kids can’t get ahold of the dangerous chemicals. We recommend finding a narrow but unused space, such as the space between the washing machine and the wall, and creating a pull-out shelf for cleaning supplies.

Allocate a place underneath the sink for the cleaning supplies. Use plastic containers and bins to organize the supplies by their use.

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