We founded SleeveUp Homes to help families get a fresh start.

Too many homeowners don’t get a fair deal from flippers, wholesalers, or other buyers if their home needs some work done or if they need to sell quickly. SleeveUp Homes intends to change this. We buy underwater, outdated, inherited, and other depressed properties for top dollar.

Predatory buyers are feared, and for good reason.

When a person loses their job, has huge medical bills, or needs cash quickly for any other reason, predatory buyers swoop in. They assume that a homeowner has no other choice but to sell their house well below its true value to get the cash they need. Well, they are wrong.

Our purpose is to restore properties and rebuild communities.

When we buy a depressed property, we transform it, allowing a new family to call it home and revitalize the local community in the process. Our goal has always been to create sustainable communities for Southern California.

The traditional selling process costs you time and money.

Getting a house market-ready necessitates repairs and renovations. Then you need to keep your house clean and ready for showings at all times. On top of that, you never know when it will sell and how much you will get. Finally, your agent will take their cut. SleeveUp Homes offers a better process.

We offer a new way to sell your property off-market quickly.

You don’t need to hold any showings or invest in repairs. Nor do you need to sell through a real estate agent and pay their commission. SleeveUp Homes will buy your house as-is for cash and pay top dollar, and you can close in as little as 7 days.


We always respond within 24 hours!

SleeveUp Homes pays the full price. Wholesalers low-ball you so they can resell your home and make a profit.

 illustration of people negotiating the price of selling a house


illustration of people negotiating the price of selling a house


Because you deserve the highest price, we don’t work with middlemen.

You are selling your property directly to us and we restore it in-house, which is why we can guarantee a higher price than you will get from wholesalers, flippers, or realtors. From start to finish, the entire process includes only you and us.


We always respond within 24 hours!