We eliminate the middleman and give you top dollar for your house.
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Are you having trouble finding a buyer that’s willing to pay what you know your property is worth? Don’t let flippers or wholesalers low-ball you just because your house needs some repair. SleeveUp Homes will buy your house in its current condition for cash and you can be done in 7 days!

Sell Your House in Covina for Top Dollar

You can get the best price for your house and avoid dealing with realtors or searching for buyers. Sell your house directly to SleeveUp Homes and not only do you get paid top dollar, but you don’t pay a realtor’s commission or closing costs.

Sell your house in Covina fast!

Average Home Value in Covina:

~ $720 000

Increase in Selling Price Since 2020:

~ 18%


Sell You Covina House As-Is

Most buyers want you to perform repairs before you sell or make you low offers. Either way, you’re losing money. But not if you sell to SleeveUp Homes. We’ll buy your house as-is and pay the full price. You can sell:

  • A property in foreclosure
  • A distressed property
  • A property encumbered by debt
  • An inherited property

Our Terms of Sale Are Flexible

At the end of the day, you are selling your Covina home, so you should be leading the selling process. Our terms of sale are negotiable so you decide how to sell. The process has three stages and you are included in each.

Schedule a Visit

Before we make you an offer, we need to do an on-site assessment of your home. Give us a call and schedule a time that suits you. Once we’ve had a look at your house, we’ll answer any questions you have and make you a no-obligation cash offer.

Decide on the Closing Date

You may need to close now or at a later date. Either works for us. You can be over and done in a week if you need the money quickly. Or you can take your time and close in a month. Our offer will be the same and we’ll work as quickly as you need us to.

You Can Move Out at a Later Date

You are under no pressure to move out as soon as you close. We understand if you need the money right now but still need time to make other living arrangements. Tell us when you’d like to move out and we’ll find a solution that works for you.


No Commissions or Closing Costs

Selling a house is not just about how high you can sell, but how much money you get to keep. In a traditional selling process, a good chunk of the money goes towards paying your realtor’s commission. That’s not the case when you sell your Covina house to SleeveUp Homes – there is no commission and we take care of the closing costs.

Request a cash offer - no strings attached - and get $10,000 more regardless of the state your property is in.


You Can Sell to Local Investors

SleeveUp Homes was founded with the aim of helping Southern Californians get the best price when selling their home by avoiding flippers and wholesalers. There are no middlemen involved in our process. The only parties to the negotiation are you and us.

Get a Cash Offer for Your Covina House

Reach out to get a no-obligation cash offer. You don’t pay a dime and are under no obligation to sell. See what you can get for your house, compare it to other offers, and call us back when you realize that we mean it when we say we pay top dollar.