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Home buyers California


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Our mission is to provide homeowners with a simple and easy process when it’s time to sell their home. We want to provide every seller with the best possible offer for their property. We guarantee a higher price than you’ll receive from investors, wholesalers, and realtors.

We buy houses for cash NO REPAIRS OR CLEANUP

We buy in any condition, you don’t need to repair your home before you sell.

Sell home with no commission NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS

There’s no fee or commission to worry about! You are selling directly to us.

Sell home fast NO TIME PRESSURE

We are flexible with closing timelines. You can close as quickly as in 7 days or 60 days if you need more time moving!

Sell house fast NO OPEN HOUSES

You won’t have investors or buyers walking through your home!

$10,000 MORE


Most investors or wholesalers try to low-ball homeowners. Since we are the direct buyer and don’t work with wholesalers, we can give you a higher offer than other home buyers. We’ll beat any offer from contractors, investors, or wholesalers.

SleeveUp Homes pays YOU the full price.

Meanwhile, wholesalers low-ball you so they can resell your home and make a profit.

Home buyers California


  • Home buyers CaliforniaThe true price of your homeStep 1
  • Home buyers Californiawholesalers take their cutStep 2
  • Home buyers CaliforniaAnd resell to an investorStep 3
Home buyers California


  • Home buyers CaliforniaThe true price of your homeStep 1
  • Home buyers CaliforniaSleeveup pays the full priceStep 2
Home buyers California



Subscribe for free to get the latest real estate news, updates, and tips.

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Home buyers California
  • No repairs or cleaning needed
  • No fees, commissions, or closing costs
  • No open houses
  • Only one visit from our team
  • Close quickly on the date you choose
  • Average close within 7 days
  • Repairs, remodels, and cleanup before you can sell
  • You pay realtor commissions and closing costs
  • Open houses every week until your home sells
  • Multiple visits from realtors, buyers, and appraisers
  • Close on the date convenient to the buyer and realtor
  • Average closing from 4-6 weeks


We are a group of real estate professionals and close friends, and we’ve been renovating homes for the past 7 years. We have helped over 250 families sell their home in the last two years alone.

We were frustrated with the home buying process, specifically how wholesalers and investors take advantage of homeowners.

Many homeowners don't realize they may be taken advantage of when they sell to flippers and wholesalers. After years of watching unscrupulous buyers exploit homeowners for their equity, we decided something needed to change.

SleeveUp Homes was founded to rebuild communities and change the lives of homeowners, not take advantage of people when they needed a helping hand. We've been in your shoes and we know how important it is to get a fair deal for your property.Our mission is to make sure homeowners get a fair deal for their property, rebuild local communities, and help families get a fresh start.


The reason we are able to offer more than other investors is because our cost of capital, cost of materials, and cost of labor are much more inexpensive than other investors.

The $10k guarantee applies only to written offers from wholesalers or investors with the same contingencies and terms that we offer. The guarantee does not apply to offers from iBuyers (Opendoor, Zillow, Redfin, etc.), but we’re willing to do our best to beat them as well!

Even if you decide not to sell with SleeveUp, we are still here to help you however we can, whether that’s referring you to a local experienced real estate agent in our network to list your property through the MLS or possibly help you get contractors bids for rehab that you might want to do yourself.

We buy all types of properties in Southern California, no matter the condition, which includes: single family homes, multi-family, and condos. We buy distressed properties, vacant properties, fire damaged, foreclosures, and even tenant-occupied homes.

Yes. This is the perfect time to sell your property. We can buy your property and help prevent your credit from becoming damaged through a foreclosure.

Yes, we purchase inherited property.

We don’t care what condition the property is in. We’ve met sellers who thought their property was undervalued due to the need for repairs. You don’t need to clean or repair anything for us to make you an offer, we'll handle all the repairs after the property closes.

How quick do you want to close? Once we look at the property, we can make an offer, and in many cases we close in less than a week. Compare this to working with a realtor to find you a buyer, where you'll have to pay commission and wait multiple weeks to close.

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