An Overview of 2021: the Six Most Expensive Houses Sold

October 5th, 2023  / Author: Zachariah Peterson

The US market faced a record number of luxury home sales in the past two years, in spite of the pandemic’s effect on the economy. Many millionaires and close-to-millionaires have bought a secondary residency in the past two years.

Listings that surpassed 2 million dollars jumped 72% compared to last year, and the inventory is still short, so most houses get sold quickly. Some experts explain that the sudden spike in interest in luxury homes comes from a pandemic-driven stock market gain. This mixed with a need for more space during lock-down makes for a market where luxury homes are in high demand.

Most homes that sold for more than $2 million are located in California, more specifically in the Bay Area. However, it is not where the most expensive condos were sold. The highest-paid condo is in New York, where an Alibaba co-founder bought a two-level condo for $82.3 million. Let’s take a look at the six most expensive homes sold legally in 2021.

1. Malibu, CA - $177 Million

Just before the holidays, Marc and Laura Andreessen bought a seven-acre property for $177 million with the 10000 square feet mansion, multiple guest houses, and a swimming pool. This place is sitting right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in Paradise Cove, Malibu. The previous owner bought this house in 2013 for $41 million.

2. Bel-Air, CA - $133 Million

The contemporary mansion sold for $133 million last year to a Coinbase chief has much more to offer than just the square footage. There is a gym, a home theater, a spa, and a tennis court. All these amenities and the fact that the location is Bel-Air coast make up for the overwhelming price. This 19,000-square-foot property belonged to the heiress of Charles Bronfman.

3. Palm Beach, FL - $122.7 Million

This oceanfront property that once belonged to former President Donald Trump was bought for almost $123 million. There is an additional guesthouse next to the main residency, which is full of entertainment units. There is a bar, a game room, a gym, and a beauty salon. Living here must feel like you live in your own little town.

3. Palm Beach, FL - $110 Million

Located in between Lake Worth Lagoon and the Atlantic, this mansion is a luxury fever dream. A wine room and a gym, a covered swimming pool, and nine bedrooms are what make this property valued at $110 million. The previous owner managed to buy this estate in 2011 for less than $24 million. Flipping it brought the owner more than $85 million.

4. Southampton, New York - $105 Million

A 42-acre estate was sold on the coast of New York for a little over $105 million. Responsible for the development was the famous Henry Ford II Earl in the 1960s. This is a modern-day estate with a basketball and a tennis court, a meditation garden, and an octagonal reception room.

5. Manalapan, FL - $94 million

Island Manalapan hides one of the most expensive houses on the market in 2021. The property stands on a piece of land in a way that makes you feel like you are in the middle of an ocean. Gloria Guinness owned this place in the sixties, but the previous owner was someone from the famous Ziff family. There are 33 bedrooms and almost 40 bathrooms.

Where Can I Find the Most Expensive Houses?

Even though there are many houses that are considered luxurious in the Bay area, houses that surpassed seven digits are most likely located on the oceanfront. Places like Florida, Hamptons, and Southern California have been at the top of the lists.



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