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Home buyers California
  • No repairs or cleaning needed
  • No fees, commissions, or closing costs
  • No open houses
  • Only one visit from our team
  • Close quickly on the date you choose
  • Average close within 7 days
  • Repairs, remodels, and cleanup before you can sell
  • You pay realtor commissions and closing costs
  • Open houses every week until your home sells
  • Multiple visits from realtors, buyers, and appraisers
  • Close on the date convenient to the buyer and realtor
  • Average closing from 4-6 weeks


We buy all types of property in Southern California, no matter the condition, including single family homes, multi-family properties, and condos. We buy fixer uppers, vacant property, fire damaged properties, foreclosures, and even tenant-occupied homes.

Yes. This is the perfect time to sell your property. We can buy your property and help prevent your credit from becoming damaged through a foreclosure.

Yes, we purchase inherited property.

We don’t care what condition the property is in. We’ve met sellers who thought their property was undervalued due to the need for repairs. You don’t need to clean or repair anything for us to make you an offer, we'll handle all the repairs after the property closes.

How quick do you want to close? Once we look at the property, we can make an offer, and in many cases we close in less than a week. Compare this to working with a realtor to find you a buyer, where you'll have to pay commission and wait multiple weeks to close.